Akasha ReForm

Akasha Reform is founded on the revolutionary pilates system developed by the world renowned fitness innovator Joseph Pilates. Using state of the art reformer beds imported from California, an Akasha Re-Form class will target every muscle with an innovative, intense and highly effective full body workout. Prepare to gain core strength, fitness and flexibility in a way that is gentle on the body regardless of age, weight or fitness level.

Akasha Reform Cardio

Pilates Back-Care

Get your heart pumping with the cardio-infused Pilates Reform workout. A jump board interval workout mixed with pilates moves. Seriously toning and sculpting those abs, legs and bum, whilst also burning fat. Expect a tough, upbeat, energising workout that raises your heart rate - and above all be prepared to sweat.


A dedicated studio offering both 1:1 training sessions and rehabilitation sessions enabling us to create totally individual and bespoke programs, each designed specifically for the unique goals and needs of the client.

Akasha Reform Gentle

This class is ideal for people just returning to an exercise routine, beginners and anyone with limited mobility through injury, illness, age or inactivity. The class will help build the bodies core strength, while also improving flexibility, particularly in the joints. With regular practice you will improve strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, alignment, breathing and posture. 

Pilates Instructors

  • Jo

    Jo has both worked and taught in the fitness industry for over 20 years and was the Principal Tutor with the Pilates Institute. Jo founded JPilates and as well as being the Founder and Principal Tutor she also works as a consultant for other fitness and Pilates training companies. Jo has worked extensively with physiotherapists and GP’s and regularly presents at international fitness conventions. A fully comprehensive instructor, qualified in mat, studio equipment, pre and post natal, exercise referral, back pain management and nutrition.  

  • Alex

    Alex has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Starting his career as a self defence/martial arts instructor, Alex later graduated in Sports Science and Physical Education followed by Personal Training and Physiology of Exercise. Once Alex started practicing pilates he realised how it would be possible to apply its principles to everything else he was doing. From running, cycling, lifting weights, or just as it is - pilates was the missing link. Alex’s sports related qualifications are vast, but include matwork, reformer, advanced nutrition and pre and post natal. 

  • Steph

    Steph is a qualified Level 4 Personal Trainer with four years experience in the industry. Fitness has been a passion from a young age and after trying Reformer Pilates Steph fell in love with it and decided to qualify as a pilates instructor. Steph is also qualified in exercise referral, pre and post-natal and nutrition and weight management.

  • Amy

    Amy has 8 years experience in the fitness industry. Exercise has always been her passion. She came from a dance background then qualified to be a group exercise instructor, Gym instructor and Personal Trainer. Amy has taught Pilates in the Greek islands and worked for a Reformer Pilates studio in Hertfordshire. She loves the benefits of Reformer Pilates and helping others to achieve their goals. Amy looks forward to meeting you in class soon! 

  • Amy

    Amy has been practicing pilates, both mat and reformer for 10 years and finally took the plunge to train as an instructor in 2015.  Amy trained with JPilates under Jo Cobbe in mat, reformer, pre and post natal as well as barre.  Amy has recently swapped her full time job in wine, fitting the pilates in around it, to work full time teaching pilates and barre and hasn't looked back.

  • Kelly Shekerzade

    Kelly qualified as an instructor in Pilates, Reformer, Barre and Cadillac with Joanne Cobbe at JPilates in London. Kelly started her practice on the Reformer 3 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Prior to her Pilates training, Kelly participated in boot camps and gym based exercise, and whilst she loved the sessions, her lower back suffered. Physiotherapy failed and Kelly sought to remedy the problem herself, frequenting Akasha as a client on a regular basis for several years! Teacher training and regular Pilates based sessions have totally rectified her back issues and she maintains her back is now the strongest part of her body! Kelly is dedicated to teaching, which is now her passion, and in her own words, "I'm so excited to be on board, It's my dream come true!".